Metal Fabrication

Alumni Roofing utilizes a RAS-Systems XL Center metal folding machine
We have available a dedicated metal fabrication shop with sophisticated computer controlled equipment to fabricate our own sheet metal.  This helps maintain quality, cost and construction deadlines. Our shop includes the latest equipment, including a computer-aided sheet metal brake for precision fabrication of fascias, copings, and flashings.

We work with various gauge metals and various types of metals, ranging from pre-finished galvanized steel and aluminum to copper, stainless steel, and Kynar finished metal from the leading manufacturers.

Alumni Roofing is pleased to announce the purchase of a new RAS-Systems XL Center metal folding machine. This machine features the most advanced technology available for roofing and architectural profiles.

The XL Center will support the bending of tapered metal parts including coping caps, downspouts and gutters. “This feature will provide a significant cost savings to our customers”, according to Karen Hope, Alumni Roofing President. “Tapered gutters will allow us to lay one section of a gutter inside another section, making installation much faster”, says Hope.

The XL Center will allow for operators to graphically design metal parts with a touch screen interface and then visualize the part on a screen. By offering folding from the top and bottom, parts can be developed without flipping the metal.

The photo below helps visualize how the metal folding machine can create custom rain hoods, gutters and spouts.

Alumni Roofing can create custom rain hoods, gutters and downspouts with their in-house metal fabrication shop